Billing & Insurance

It’s important to us that every patient is completely informed of the treatment to be rendered in our office, and of the financial investment for that treatment. The fee necessary to complete a particular treatment plan is based on an estimate derived from your examination. Should additional unforeseen problems arise as treatment progresses, this estimate may have to be revised. You will be consulted and informed before any unexpected treatment is undertaken.

For new patients, and those involved in extensive treatment, specific financial arrangements are usually discussed as part of a separate consultation visit. For those patients with limited (1-2 visits) treatment, it will be expected that payment be made in full on the day of service. Please advise our staff if financial arrangements are necessary. We have many financial solutions to assure our patients receive the best care possible. Long term financing is available to our patients through our participation with CareCredit.

For your convenience, the following methods of payment are available in our office: cash, personal checks, American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover Card.

Dental Insurance

Many of our patients and their families are fortunate to be covered by a dental benefit plan. This is
a valuable way to help (offset the cost) for dental care. We feel it is important for all of us, however,
to understand that professional services are rendered to a person and not to an insurance company. 

We do not allow insurance plans to dictate what we feel is best treatment for our patients. We always offer (treatment and payment) options and will work within the scope of your plan when appropriate.

We are happy to assist you in every way we can to ensure that your claims are processed smoothly and efficiently. By using electronic claims transmission, your dental claims are submitted the same day of service and benefits are often paid within a few days. We also assist in handling insurance inquiries, processing follow-ups, lost claims, etc.

We are presently out of network with most benefit plans. What does this mean to you?


Can I still use my insurance? Of course! We are still able to utilize your benefits.

Do I have to send in my own claims? No. We will handle all of the processing for you.

Will my co-pays change? The amount of out of pocket expenses may change slightly, but the amount is dictated by the contract your employer has negotiated with the insurance company.

BeneFits Membership

Plans that fit your needs and your budget

No insurance? We have you covered.
Unlike typical dental insurances with yearly maximums and limited coverages, our membership plans impose no yearly maximums or restrictions.
BeneFits Membership Plans vs. Insurance
Our membership plans work by offering dental procedures at a discount, with a flat fee. Cutting out insurance entirely allows us to provide the best care at the best price, with no wondering how much your bill will be later on. With the small monthly or annual fee, we cover essential dental care and offer courtesies on other needs.

To view the plans, click the link below. You can begin receiving benefits immediately!
Benefits Membership


CareCredit is a simple way to consolidate and manage certain out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, because it is a credit card with a revolving line of credit that can be used repeatedly and for any family member. CareCredit offers two basic payment plans to meet an individual’s financial needs.

How is CareCredit different from my other credit cards?

With CareCredit, you can get either a NO INTEREST payment plan or an extended LOW FIXED INTEREST payment plan every time you use it. Most credit cards only offer special or low interest plans for short periods or upon sign up.

How long do I have to pay off my treatment fees?

The length of time you have to pay depends on the promotional payment plan that you choose when you use the card.

How do I qualify for CareCredit?

Approval is based on information from your credit application and past credit history. This includes information from the primary applicant as well as any co-applicant.

Apply from home — it’s fast and easy.
Apply for Care Credit
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