Periodic x-rays

Periodic x-rays are an important part of maintaining your oral and systemic health.

X-rays allow examination of areas that cannot be seen any other way. A periodic full series of x-rays (every 2 to 5 years) can prevent needless trouble and expense. Periodontal disease and cavities are often painless, and there may be no warning signs. A minor problem can turn into a serious one in a short time — early detection is critical. Sometimes x-rays can point to a systemic condition like diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Periodic x-ray examination could save your life!
X-rays can detect other systemic conditions, which is why we see them as part of your overall care plan. 

Concerned about x-rays?

Our office utilizes the most up to date digital technology to obtain the most accurate images at the very lowest exposure level. High speed digital sensors and computers have replaced traditional film-based x-rays.

The exposures to radiation during a typical Full Mouth Series are below in millirems, a measurement of radiation. The maximum on yearly exposure for Canadian and US radiation workers has been set at 5,000 millirems.

You would have to have 1750 dental X-Rays to equal one lower GI series. It would take 10,000 dental X-Rays to reach your maximum safe yearly dose! Just standing around you receive the equivalent of 3 X-Rays every day due to background radiation. A coast-to-coast flight will expose you to 4 millirems of radiation, or 4 dental panorex radiographs.

In light of this General Information, the radiation from a full series of x-rays is worth the opportunity to prevent serious conditions like decay, periodontal disease, abscesses and cancer.
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